The Aquamox wetroom system has transformed the way tiled showers are built in today’s homes.

Aquamox is a modular foam construction board designed to make building your wet room or tiled shower a quick, easy and clean process.

The system has a wide range of shapes and sizes that cater for all designs of wet room area including curved walls, liniar drain systems, soap recesses and much more. 

It is lightweight yet very durable which means a simpler installation processes cutting days off the traditional concrete screed methods. 

Each peice can be easily cut and trimmed with a stanley knife or saw to easily work around the common challenges in construction.

In addition to its benifits of flexibility and simplicity it acts as an excellend insulator for heat and sound.  

Features & Benefits

  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Easy to install
  • 30 minute curing time

  • Cost effective
  • Heat & sound insulation
  • Pre-contoured to drain


Surface Prep

Ensure area is clean, dust free and level before installing

Measure & Cut

Measure the area and then simply trim aquamox products to fit.


Fix using 8mm beads of adhesive at 100mm spacings. Screw where required


Leave to cure for 30 minutes then proceed to waterproofing