• Once the base is secured to the floor and the glue is cured, the waterproofing membrane can be applied. Discuss your waterproofing membrane with your tiler as he may have his own preference. Most popular well known waterproofing membrane systems can be used on Aquamox, however if in doubt seek professional advice and ask your water proofer or tiler.
  • Many waterproofing products are available for DIY applications however we recommend that you contact the certified manufacturer as most manufacturer's warranties are voided if an approved applicator is not used to apply them. Council will require a Producer Statement for approved applicators.
  • Apply the waterproof membrane according to the manufacturer's instruction but ensure waterproofing is applied to walls from the top of the shower line, down to the base and out across the base. Ensure the waterproofing returns up the inside vertical face of the edge sill/s, across the top edge, down to the floor line and on the outside of the tile over shower base. (Note your council may require the remaining bathroom floor to be waterproofed also). Ensure waterproofing is applied well down into the leak control / puddle flange and with channel drains, into the pre-cut slot.