Aquamox XPS wet room tile over system

Factory manufacturing Aquamox achieved ISO9001 in 2008, and has continuously obtained CE and SINTEF approval, which guarantees a consistent high quality product.

The team of engineers manufacturing Aquamox have more than 30 years' experience in the building material industry. (Some from National First-Class Construction Engineers)
Aquamox shower bases and tile backer board is made of hi density foam board core and coated with fiberglass mesh and a polymer cement mortar on both sides.

Aquamox tile backer board offers extra strength and rigidity and provides a quick and effective solution of waterproofing and insulating properties.

Aquamox XPS tile over Shower tray

The Aquamox shower tray is made of high density foam board with fiberglass and a waterproof cement coating on both sides. – replaces the need for traditional mortar / sand and cement sloped shower bases making installation both cost effective and fast. This eliminates the need to wait for wet mortar screed to cure.

Aquamox tile over bases come in both pre-made made to measure shower bases to suit a range of popular sizes, or more cost effectively in a DIY component form so you can purchase what you need to custom fit the floor yourself to any shape or size with just a kraft knife or saw!

Simple and easily cut into any size or shape to form a contoured / sloping floor level. It is designed in several configurations for walk-in level entry and hob type shower bases.

Technical details of Aquamox tile backer board or shower bases

Density of core board Kg/m3 38 - 40
Thermal conductivity, 90 days, 10°C W/mK 0.027 - 0.03

R Rating: 6mm = 0.2, 10mm = 0.33, 30mm = 1
Compressive strength at 10% deflection or yield, (vertical) kPa ≥300
Tensile strength kPa ≥300
Water absorption Vol-% X=1.00%
Capillarity nil
Coefficient of linear thermal expansion mm/mK 0.07
Temperature limits °C -50°C, +75°C
Fire rating: ClassO (BS 476 parts 6&7)
Cement layer laid at approximate 2.75kg per m2 per side.
Max tile load rating 62kgs per m2

Floor Preparation

The floor must be clean, free of dust and an even flat surface with no joins in the surface. Ensure flooring substrate is level to a 1% tolerance. If not use FLC to level and remove any hollows.

For level entry showers, the floor must be recessed to accommodate the thickness of the Aquamox shower base at the thickest part of the Aquamox shower base.

Ensure a site check and product thickness check is done prior to installation to confirm these measurements as due to variations or different shower base configurations, the height depends on waste positions, (centre waste, channel waste etc.)

On timber and concrete floor applications, Aquamox pre coated bases can be glued directly to the floor with the recommended adhesive glue.

NOTE: The Aquamox tile over tray must NOT be rebated into the wall linings