Aquamox is a quality construction board made of extruded polystyrene, which is totally waterproof, coated either side with a fibreglass mesh embedded into a thin cement polymer mortar to give the sheet not only a waterproof membrane, but a strong rigid and has great torsional properties.

  • Flexibility with size, shape and waste position to suit the existing plumbing facilities to save the need of expensive structural floor alterations
  • Guaranteed to hold its shape and form for 25 years - provided it is installed correctly, supported and protected from moisture as instructed on the install guide
  • Shower bases are installed after the wall linings are fixed to the walls – simply butts up to the wall lining (gib, cement board or Aquamox pre-tile liners) – the waterproofing is then applied after the tray is installed so that the complete wall and base area is covered by a continuous membrane
  • Provides perfect water slope Min 4% drain angle to ensure correct falls to the drain outlet and a professional finish
  • Can be cut to any size – flexible modular continuous angle slope system to create large pre-sloped wet room with a perfect fall gradient every time!
  • Can be installed directly onto solid timber, particle board flooring, concrete floor, tile and slate underlay, - so long as its dry, clean and a flat even surface!
  • A range of compatible channel strip drains, centre waste with tile insert and easy clean wastes are available
  • Can be either recess level entry or 60mm x 60mm edge hob sills
  • Excellent for heat and sound insulation
  • Aquamox wall liners/tile backer board is an ultimate solution for a tile over or substrate.

Aquamox is light weight, easy to handle and work with. It can be cut with a hand saw, knife, circular table or hand held saw. It is non-toxic and won't rot, absorb moisture and also has good insulation properties Withstands 25 - 30 tonnes per square meter when tiled over.

Aquamox is eco-friendly in house building today and not only will save you money with its efficient insulation barrier, but also reflects the heat upwards into the room instead of allowing heat loss down through the sub-floor or through the walls. In most cases Aquamox exceeds the requirements of the NZ Building Code (Energy Efficiency H1 table 6 for heated floors).

Aquamox is glued and screwed directly onto the timber walls, whereas on concrete or wooden floor applications for shower bases, it is fixed onto the floor pad using a flexible adhesive.
Aquamox may also be installed in situ before the concrete floor is poured allowing the builder to pour the floor up to, around and underneath the pre-formed shower tray thus having an accurate level to screed off.

Aquamox tiled shower trays and wall linings are completely waterproof. They are quick and easy to install and when used with the specified waste systems in the range and with any BRANZ approved waterproofing membrane Aquamox is guaranteed not to leak.

Aquamox wall tile backer board is almost 6 times lighter than standard plasterboard and in wet areas, such as wet rooms,bathrooms or showers, (Aquamox is totally waterproof whereas plasterboard will absorb water.) Aquamox can be easily joined by laying a bead of polyurethane sealant along the edge of each board edge. When theadjacent board is butted up and so long as the joint is done clean, continuous and adheres correctly, the joint is made instantly waterproof.

Solvent-based adhesives must NOT be used as these will damage to the Aquamox board.
Aquamox comes in a wide range of sizes, shapes, contours and configurations. Check the relevant stock sizes in the standard size stock sections, however the advantage with Aquamox is that being so easy to cut and join the range of sizes you can obtain by mix and matching become infinite.